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About the Cardiac Bear

Give the perfect gift to a loved one or your hospital patients with Xpand Your Brand, Ltd.’s Cardiac Bear. This large bear is specifically designed to help patients after open heart, hernia, or cesarean section surgery.

The Birth of the Cardiac Bear

When Lynette Evans, founder of the creative advertising company, Xpand Your Brand, Ltd., was approached by one of her hospital clients to find a firmly stuffed bear that open-heart surgery patients could use, she set out to find the perfect bear. There were many requirements that needed to be met and after months of researching exactly what was needed, she came to the conclusion that such a bear did not exist.  Here began the process of designing the perfect bear for use by thoracic and cardiovascular surgery patients.  

Long story short, after meeting with several manufacturers, designing prototypes, testing and showing them to her client, The Cardiac Bear was just what the doctor ordered!  After placing their first order of 4,500 bears, Lynette's cleint is quoted as saying, "No matter what, we CANNOT run out of those bears!"

Now, with the latest technology, we are able to offer The Cardiac Bear in an antimicrobial version with the same size, firmness and still in a soft touch washable fabric.  The antimicrobial properties give 30 day protection even after seveal washings.  

Hospitals nationwide can provide their patients with The Cardiac Bear to assist in their recovery not only after open heart surgery, but also heart and lung transplant surgery, bariatric surgery, cesarean section and hernia surgeries.  We can even work with your team to design a custom shape for your organization if desired.   A minimum quantity is required for custom designs.  Just give us a call and we would be happy to discuss different options  that might make it easier or more convenient for your hospital,  - like storage options with our pay and release program.

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About Xpand Your Brand, Ltd.

Xpand Your Brand, Ltd. is the parent company of The Cardiac Bear. We have focused this website of The Cardiac Bear not only on the bear, but on items specifically for the healthcare industry. We use branded items to help our clients increase sales, standout from the competition and get new customers. We are dedicated to providing you the kind of customer service that we want when we make a purchase for our company! With customization of not only the product, but also the packaging if desired, we strive to giving you the best bang for your buck! We understand how marketing dollars are not easy to come by and need to be spent carefully. Working within or below  your budget, we are confident that if you give Xpand Your Brand the chance to work with your marketing team, you will see how people come to the conclusions they do on our testimonials page! We don't want to just meet your expectations - that's not good enough!  We want to blow it out of the water and exceed your expectations!

One of our largest annual campaigns is with a large hospital providing them with specifically targeted products designed to increase the public's awareness of the signs of stroke and risk factors to over 8,000 Dayton Dragons fans. We provide them with items to give out at the ballpark that not only do the fans love, but it educates them about the risks and signs of stroke, but  they are useful items that will be used and seen over and over again to multiple prospective clients! Let us know if we can do the same for you or your organization! Give us a call today at 866-941-2480. 

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