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Our VHA Program (Veterans Health Administration)

Have you heard about our progam for Veterans having open heart surgery?

Help a Veteran in a tangible way!  

Our Veterans program allows individuals like yourself to purchase a Cardiac Bear for a Veteran in the hospital who is having open heart surgery. It would be presented to him or her in memory of a loved one. Here, you have the opportunity to tell a veteran who will be a recipient of the Cardiac Bear - the story of YOUR loved one. It's simple. All you need to do is type out a message that you would like a veteran to know about a family member, loved one who has served in our armed forces, or just anyone else you would like to honor. Your family member or friend can have their story told by you, to a Veteran on a personalized card sent along with The Cardiac Bear so that Veteran can know whom this bear is in memory of. Your loved one doesn't have to be deceased, it could just be someone whom you love and respect and is alive and doing well! It could be someone who is also a Veteran and you want their story told of where they served, when, in what branch of the service and anything you wish to tell about that person that makes them so special to you. We know this may be difficult, but please limit your message to 1 full page or less and we will include your message along with The Cardiac Bear. This would be especially appreciated when a message of encouragement to our Veteran is included. If you want your Cardiac Bear to go to a specific service person, just send us the address of where The Cardiac Bear should be sent. The Veteran will know who has donated The Cardiac Bear to help in their recovery, as well as a personal story about the one whom you are honoring! What a great way to thank both your special loved one and also the Veteran who receives the bear!

This gives the recipient of The Cardiac Bear- comfort at a time they really need it and the knowledge that someone they don't even know, appreciates their service, cares about them and wishes them the best recovery possible from their surgery! Any questions about this program may be directed to Lynette Evans at 866-941-2480. Help us make this program one that Veterans everywhere can benefit from!

We at Xpand Your Brand, Ltd. (maker of The Cardiac Bear) proudly thank each and every one of our Veterans for your sacrafice and devotion to our country. We cannot thank you enough and you will never know how truly grateful we are!

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Xpand Your Brand, Ltd. (maker of The Cardiac Bear)  reserves the right to edit or omit  any portion of the message to our Veterans that  we deem inappropriate or offensive to our service men and women.

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