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Our Friend Kiarra - The First Child to Receive "Dawnie's Presents"


The mission of "Dawnie's Presents" is to touch the lives of children with illnesses while also providing a way that children and adults with special needs can have a helping hand in sending a gift of warmth and love to kids around the country.

Weather your child just needs a pick-me-up from the mundane "hospital life", or more long-term support and encouragement, Dawnie's Presents will keep them entertained while delivering a message of hope and positivity they will look forward to day after day.  

Each box you send will include age appropriate and gender appropriate hand gift-wrapped small presents (with a total retail value of at least $40-$50. each box) chosen to help uplift their spirits, chase away boredom and give them something daily to look forward to.*

We have partnered with a local non-profit organization who works with adults with special needs to help us convey our message.  These are individuals who have such a loving heart and want to help others feel special and loved. It's their own way of giving back. Your package will come with artwork of those who helped prepare your childs' gifts with our own printed inspirational message of encouragement and hope. We attach the messages to each gift box, and label each gift with the days of the week, designed to be opened one at a time, on a daily basis promoting excitement, appreciation and anticipation for the next days' present.

We trust that the artwork and creativity from our special needs' friends will provide a unique experience that parents and gift givers can take advantage of.  Consider this your built-in opportunity of a teachable moment to explain about everyone's individual differences. How best can we teach our children - not only about respect for others' unique abilities, disabilities and special needs.

Our hope is that the arrival of these presents would not only be a source of enjoyment, inspiration and encouragement for your child, but that you will feel a second bucketful of satisfaction by helping employ our friends from this organization and giving them the pleasure of contributing to your childs happiness!

When items are available, we do our best to include at least 1 gift in your box based on your young one's special interest or hobby. Just let us know on the order form how we might be able to really personalize your gift and we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes.  

Let us know if there are any allergies or anything your child cannot have or should not have, including particular candies or other edibles. A one-time gift is perfect for a short stay, while our recurring subscription boxes are suited for the little warriors battling a long-term illness or hospital stay.

**Please let us know if there are special needs we should take into consideration while choosing gifts for your child such as; my child cannot sit up in bed, or my child is allergic to peanuts, or my child is not able to hold coloring utensils etc. If you can tell us a little bit (or as much as you would like) about your young one, that would help us in choosing the best gifts for them.

Some of the items that may be in your childs box might be a:  necklace, bracelet, small games, puzzles, cool sunglasses, a hacky sack, water bottle, coloring book with games to do, a watch, paints, manicure set, fingernail polish, playing cards, whoopie cushion, magic bank, emoji themed gifts, a stuffed animal, disney character items etc.

Why is this called "Dawnie's Presents"? 

This is named after the founders little sister Dawn Wiseman who was a special needs child and then adult. She worked daily at TAC Enterprises for many years (then known as TAC 2) and loved every day she was able to go! Her many friends and staff members at TAC 2 always made her feel special and loved.

Dawnie was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was about 4 years old after she had a reaction to one of her childhood immunizations -MMR and so began her struggle with epilepsy which caused her mental disability. Her mind never progressed past the age of about 5 years old.   We are indebted to TAC 2 for their loving diligence, care during her day and for their faithfulness to Dawnie throughout several years that she rode the schoolbus there to work. This work gave her a sense of fulfillment and purpose and she knew she was really doing something important for her employer.  

On Dawnie's birthday every year when we gave her presents, (as well as for Christmas), she was always so sad when she opened the last present, so we decided each year to hold one back and then low and behold - pull one more present out with Dawnies name on it when she thought they were all opened!  This gave her that WOW affect that there was still one more!  Each year, she never remembered that, from the year before, so it was always still a great surprise!   

Dawnie passed away unexpectedly in 1995 at the age of 29 and we miss her so very much. Every time we open presents, whether it is for Christmas or our own birthdays, we always remember Dawnie and the love she had and excitement of opening presents. We feel her presence at every family gathering . Dawnie's Presents is our way of honoring Dawnie with the name of this new product launch - in her memory. If she could have worked on a project like this while at TAC, she would have been elated! She had a special place in her heart for every child she came into contact with. Bless her for her smile, her big bear hugs and genuine care she always had even for every person -even strangers, that she met!  May you also be blessed by giving this gift of encouragement to your child or friend.

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