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girl with colorful autism lap blanket

Autism Puzzle Design Weighted Lap Pad


Here we have a puzzle piece design -the symbol for autism, in a weighted lap pad for kids.  working on more and  more designs getting them all uploaded on my site,  so if you'd like to see more, bookmark this page and check back soon.  OR you can reach me at 937-206-6689 and ask me to send you a picture of some of the  many designs that are coming soon. 


These lap blankets are great for children struggling with autism, ADHD, sensory issues, ptsd or aspergers syndrome!   This one has a vibrant cotton front showing strong primary colors and the back is made with a super soft minky dot fabric. 


This one shows a navy backing, but we also do them with red and yellow as well.   There are varying sizes to choose from- see below.  The size in the photo is 9" wide by 20" long and weighs 3 pounds.   

The lap pad will have a zipper on one end so you can easily take out the inner pad and wash the cover in your normal washing machine.  This keeps your washing machine from having the weights in it causing your machine to be off balance and not get everything clean.  


The inside is filled with glass beads or poly beads depending on the weight, and are sewn in a quilted fashion inside the removable outside cover.


The cover is easily opened with the highest quality zipper on one end. The beads are evenly spaced within the grids so there is an even amount of pressure in all areas of the lap pad.  

Feel free to choose other themes for your blanket from my etsy store.


Sizes of the different weighted lap pads are as follows:

2 pound lap pads are roughly 9" X 20" 
3 pound lap pads are roughly 9" X 20"  

4 pound lap pads are roughly 13" X 27"
5 pound lap pads are roughly 13" X 27"
6 pound lap pads are roughly 16" X 26"
7 pound lap pads are roughly 20" X 26"


See more designs of our weighted lap blankets here.

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