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Baseball Themed Weighted Lap Blanket 9inches by 20 inches in this photo

Baseball Weighted lap blanket For Kid, Anxiety Gift for child with Autism Sports


Our weighted lap blanket with a baseball theme is great for kids and adults with anxiety, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism or ptsd or just if you have a little trouble getting to sleep at night or like some weight on you while you sleep.


* It has a cotton front and the back is Minky navy blue. The size in the photo is 13" wide by 27" long
and weighs 5 pounds. Options include weights from 2-8 pounds and larger sizes also available.

* The lap pad that are 4 lbs and more have the highest quality zipper on one end so you can easily
remove the inner weighted and batting cushioned pad and wash it in your normal washing
machine without ruining the machine motor by having too much weight in the machine. This
happens with weighted lap blankets that don't have the weights removable.

* The weights in this lap blanket will be micro glass beads and are sewn inside the secondary insert
in a quilted design so the weight is evenly spaced throughout the blanket so there is an even
amount of pressure all over. This insert is then placed inside the removable outside cover.

* Made in a smoke free home in Springfield, Ohio.

* Options with the different weights and sizes are availabe in this listing. Feel free to messge me
with any questions.

Check out other blanket designs and fabrics in my Etsy store here:

Sizes of the different weighted lap pads are in the option drop down menu where you place your order.

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