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Girl with cat weighted lap blanket on her lap

Personalized Weighted Lap Pad Kid Cat Lover Birthday Gift Weighted Lap Pad Adult


Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone who struggles with anxiety? With focusing? With ADHD or PTSD? Or is on the autism spectrum? Has insomnia or has difficulty staying asleep?


This personalizable (we can embroider your childs first name on it) custom cat lap blanket would be a great gift that has proven to help many people with these issues. If they are a cat lover, that makes it even more special for them!


* 16 different soft textured minky dot fabric choices for the back side (or 

    both sides if that is your wish)


* Choose the size & weight you want


* We use the highest quality YKK zippers. Zippers are sewn on 4 pound

   and heavier blankets on one end so you can easily take out the inner pad

   and wash the cover in your normal washing machine. This keeps your

   washing machine from having heavy weight in it causing your machine   

   to be off balance and not get everything clean.


* Weights in this lap blanket are glass beads and are sewn in a quilted fashion which makes them evenly spaced within the grids so there is an even amount of pressure in all areas of the lap blanket.


If you would like a certain color of minky fabric shown in the photos on the backside of your lap blanket, just let me know in the comments otherwise, I will make the back to coordinate with the colors on the front design. 


2 lb. = 15 X 15 inches unless you request a different size.

3 lb. = 15 X 15 inches unless you request a different size.

4-8 lb. = 20 X 25 inches unless you request a different size. 

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