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Tie dye lap blanket with bright colors

Tie Dye Weighted Lap Pad 6,7 or 8 pounds



Our NEW vibrant colorful weighted lap pad is a great help for those with anxiety, those on the autism spectrum, teens and kids with aspergers syndrome and people with PTSD!  Choose the weight of your lap pad starting at 6 pounds up to 8 pounds.  These are made with a zipper on one end so that the cover can be taken off for easy laundering!   


CUSTOM EMBROIDERY of first namd is available on all of our lap blankets!


This design is a vibrant, colorful tie dye plush anti-pill fleece that teens just love, as well as those of us who enjoy a bit of 60's nostalgia!  


The back of this tie dye design has a purple crushed velvet fabric that's nice for feeling the texture and particularly aids in keeping calm during a high anxiety situation.  As a whole, weighted lap pads also have been known to help people who have insomnia get to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer!


We also would be happy to make a custom lap pad or blanket for you.  There are a variety of designs and materials to choose from and I'm sure one of them will suit your needs or you can call us for a specific theme to make just for you.  Call 937-206-6689 or email at  


See more designs of our weighted lap blankets here.

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