Meant for kids ages 5-12, this gift basket for kids in the hospital has enough to keep them occupied for an extended amount of time (or at home!). We design these with specific ages in mind, so let us know who this is going to and we will work with you to customize it for their interests and ages.


    When a child is hurting, everyone around them hurts too. This basket is filled with engaging activities to help keep their minds off of their illness, broken bone, or whatever they might be dealing with. We've even packed enough activities for their visitor(s) to share in the creativity!


Basket includes:

  • a whole tablet of 36 pages of multicolored construction paper 12" X 9"
  • goofy emoji tablet for journal writing - or just writing notes to friends
  • emoji themed plastic cup with all the emoji faces and their titles
  • 6 felt tipped colored markers with a small velvet poster to color 
  • nail polish (gifts would be suited to age and interests)
  • scissors that cut a design on the paper
  • rubberized ruler that acts like a slap braclet
  • box of glitter foam stickers and 12 foamie bookmarks to decorate
  • "Frozen" movie themed room decoration to hang in their hospital room or bedroom
  • fun flower pinwheel pen
  • blank white schoolbox to paint with the markers and decorate
  • Furry animal wearable bracelet


All of our gift baskets are guaranteed fresh or your money back!


Bulk pricing discounts & imprinting may be available. Call 937-206-6689 for details!

Young Artists

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