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Herb and his new best friend “Turd the Cardio Bear“

Hello Lynette
This is a picture of my husband Herb and his new best friend "Turd the Cardio Bear".  As in..."you little turd..."  when  it falls off his lap or off the bed. 

Herb is doing well from the triple By-pass surgery with just a few minor leaks.  Mostly, it's just a long road for him to mentally grasp the whole thing.  Yes, you have his permission to post the picture.  He loves the bear!! They have been to the Waffle House and grocery store. Turd rides in Herb's cart.   

It is a joy to see a man that is "man" enough to carry a Cardio-bear.   So much firmer and fits the chest better when having the coughing spells than the heart pillow he left the hospital with.

Inman, SC

Mum from Sydney, Australia

Hi Lynette
Great news,  Your bear has arrived...bad news is that my Mums surgery has been postponed until the 28th Feb. 

My mum loves your bear she's so happy & great full for your prayers.  Thanks again for all your help.

Sincerely, Melissa | Sydney, Australia

Melissa from Sydney, Australia is writing again:  Mum had her surgery on Tuesday and is doing amazingly well, has started Physio & is sitting up in a chair. We brought the bear over to her today. I have attached a photo for you. At the time I took the photo she was very tired & in a little pain. Thank you for all your well wishes & prayers. Mum & the family really appreciate it....the way Mum has pulled through this surgery shows that ll these prayers have been answered. Love Mel xoxo  Mum is more than happy for you to use her picture on your website. Please let me know when you upload it so I can show her. She has received lots of comments about how gorgeous her bear is. It brings my Mum great comfort especially when she is alone in the room!

December 26, 2016

On December 23, 2016, a Friday, I contacted to see if they might be able to help me send a cardiac bear overnight to Canada.  My sister had cardiac surgery and a lot of discomfort coughing to clear the phlegm out of her chest.  I spoke to Lynette Evans, owner of the Cardiac Bear about one hour before FedEx was going to be closing.  She was extraordinarily helpful in getting the bear to FedEx on time.   She worked extra hard to get me copies of the shipping documents.

To our surprise the bear was actually delivered the next morning in Western Canada.  I thought my sister was going to be discharged the next morning but it turns out her discharge was postponed and didn't happen until Sunday.  Fortunately, my brother-in-law was still home when it was delivered and brought it personally to the hospital. My sister started using it immediately and was incredibly appreciative of the comfort she felt when coughing.

This was a great mission of mercy, with a cardiac bear being delivered overnight from Ohio to Western Canada, all thanks to the very personal service provided by The Cardiac Bear.  Now, that was a Merry Christmas!!!  

William | Baldwin, Maryland


Hi Lynette
Thank you so much Mrs Lynette I really enjoy the cardiac bear I talk to him every day I sleep with him by my side Incase I have to sneeze or something.

I'm just tired of people staring at me and other children they wear masks for medical reasons not for fun. anyway I'm doing good. I got lots of things for Christmas. I really enjoyed Christmas. we spent time with each other and it's Jesus's day too its his birthday that's the most important part that we celebrate Jesus's birthday and spend time with family and have FUN. Well I hope you had fun and enjoyed Christmas and I really appreciate the email it brightened up my day hope you had a merry Christmas and hope you have a happy and healthy NEW year!!

LOVE Kiarra

Comments from A member of the Veterans Healthcare Administration:
I came across your marketing information and could just visualize the bear.  It is a really great idea and can also make cardiac and other operations less threatening for children whose parent is going through it (because the Cardiac Bear is helping them out).  

I also hope that the bears either are sent home with patients or trialed with a succession of patients.  As an aside, the team member who hand-carried the bear to Jim Gaudio was also enthusiastic as she had had a Caesarian and could really relate. 

Cherie Widger-Kresge
NCO 2 Network Contract Manager 
VA Healthcare Upstate New York (VISN 2)

We actually purchase several promotional items from Lynette as well as work with her on sympathy items.  Her service is excellent and the products are high quality and pricing provides a great value.

Frank Lewis, Jackson, Lytle & Lewis Funeral Home | Springfield, OH

Not only are their products of the highest quality, but the people who work here are amazing!  The owner and staff are incredibly brilliant at creating and packaging special gift baskets and gift items.  Whenever I've needed a creative gift idea, I call Lynette Evans, store owner.  She is easy to talk to, really understands my needs and always finds a way to create the perfect gift within my price range.  There are no high pressure sales here, just helpful, courteous, creative, conscientious people who sincerely want to make their customer and their customers' customers happy.   

One thing that really sets them apart from their competition and from vendors in general, is how they consistently go above and beyond to exceed expectations.  They do little things to make all their customer service experiences stand out.  For example I order holiday gifts for over 3000 employees, so I seek a lot of ideas and samples from a variety of vendors.  They certainly make my job of deciding which vendor I want to do business with a lot easier!  I highly recommend Lynette Evans to anyone seeking high quality products, exceptional customer care at a very fair price.  Lynette is a shining example of a great busines leader who dedicates herself to making her business the best it can be.  
Nancy Slezak -  Community Relations and Employee Event Manager | GE Money Kettering, OH

Lynette is an enthusiastic and sincere marketing expert that goes the extra mile to provide product solutions that meet our needs.  We continue to use her company as the sole provider of our promotional products.  Her prices are competitive and the quality of the products is outstanding.  

Diane Hendrickson - Entrepreneur/Inspirational Business Trainer Marketing Strategist  Innovative Content Creator | Hendersonville, North Carolina

I depend on Lynette (Xpand Your Brand) to help me craft great ideas with a soft marketing touch which are inexpensive yet present well to our clients.

Colleen M. Walters | Vice President, Regional Mission Integration

Xpand Your Brand is highly customer focused, is reliable and does fantastic work. It has always been a pleasure working with Lynette and I highly recommend the work that she does.   

Randall East

President - TechAdvisors

Lynette worked with me to develop a specialized/personalized gift which we send out to donors.  She helped me select products and locate the best prices.  As a result, recipients of our gift boxes received a quality gift at a reasonable price.

Jean Weyandt - Director of Advancement Services at Cedarville University | Cedarville, OH

I first met Lynette several years ago at a Downtown Business Alliance meeting, where we have a common interest in downtown Springfield, Ohio. She is hard working, passionate, and gives great support to DBA and the Center City Association. They specialize not only in custom made gift baskets, but personalized gifts like teddy bears, mugs, pen and pencil sets and I especially recommend the chocolate truffles!

Scott Griffith - President, General Manager at Lees Famous Recipe Chicken (FRFC Springfield, Inc.)

Lynette is very knowledgeable of her products. If you need products for your next company event, or items that will get you or your company noticed, Lynette is the person you need!

Lisa Bealert | Independent Designer at Origami Owl

Provides quality suggestions to select, or takes time to create gifts and products that get the results you are seeking! Their unique personalized ability to theme your message with the interest of your client (or other significant relationship) is truly special. Professional results, tremendous value, on-going impact is a remarkable blend of reasons to use them. It is worth your time to look here before making your final gift decision.

Jon Rarick, MBA , Business Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader | Dayton, OH

I worked with Lynette and her service was wonderful! I couldn't believe the selection and SERVICE!!  This wasn't a "hop on line and hope it all turns out" deal. She walked me through everything and hand delivered to our office. I highly recommend!!

Shannon Close McGill | Springfield, Ohio

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