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Brown Paisley Recovery Pillow Case and Pillow

Brown Paisley Recovery Pillow Case and Pillow


This survery recovery pillow offers sturdy support against the incision site, which is crucial after heart surgery.


During recovery from chest surgery, or c-sections, anytime someone needs to cough, laugh, or turning over in bed they need firm support on their incisions.


This pillow is helpful for a variety of surgery recoveries--from heart surgery, bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, Cesarean section surgery, and more. The insert is supportive enough to support surgical incisions but soft enough to effortlessly transform into a decorative throw pillow after recovery.


Optional antimicrobial fabric treatment is available; the fabric treatment is scent free and will not affect the softness of the fabric.


This brown paisley pillowcase will make an awesome gender neutral heart surgery pillow!
The fabric cough pillow insert + cover weight is 2lbs, cover only is ~1lb.   
Fabric cough pillow length/width/depth 19”x15”x5”

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