The Cardiac Bear

Springfield, OH USA   

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Our Story

The birth story of The Cardiac Bear began in 2005 when Lynette Evans (the owner) was approached by one of her hospital clients to find a firmly stuffed bear for open-heart surgery patients during recovery.   Lynette was already providing this client custom gift baskets for their newborn babies  born at this hospital and their Moms so they thought maybe  she could find supply them with a special teddy bear for their open heart surgery patients to hug when they needed to cough when recuperating from surgery.  They were right!

Months of thorough research proved that there was a need to design just the bear they needed because there was no bear made that they were satisfied with.  They were either too small, not stuffed tight enough and were fluffy and cuddly - which wasn't what they wanted.  So Lynette set out to have  the perfect bear made for them!  After a whirlwind of meeting manufacturers, designing prototypes, and testing --The Cardiac Bear became just what the doctor ordered! This hospital placed their first order of 4,500 bears!  

Thanks to the latest technology, we offer The Cardiac Bear in an antimicrobial version with the same size, firmness and still in a soft touch washable fabric. The antimicrobial properties give 90 days of protection even after multiple washings! 

Hospitals nationwide can provide their patients with The Cardiac Bear to assist in their recovery not only after open heart surgery, but also heart and lung transplant surgery, bariatric surgery, cesarean section, and hernia surgeries. Customization options and volume discounts are available; call toll free at 866. 941. 2480 anytime from 8 am - 5 pm for more details!