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Cardiac Bears & Healing Hearts Pillows

What does it mean that your pillows and bears are antimicrobial?

The bears that have been treated with a solution that is antimicrobial means that there is now a much much smaller chance of gettting a virus or bacteria from that product than if this application had not been done. 


If someone has received one of our antimicrobial Cardiac Bears in a hospital and the bear falls on the floor in their room, we will not tell you that there is no way a microscopic virus or bacteria cannot affect the fabric so you will definitely not be affected.  But we can say that your chances of getting something as a result of the bear falling on the floor will greatly be diminshed if we have applied the antimicrobial solution to the fabric.  Please note that this will not guarantee 100% that if you have our antimicrobial bear you will not get a virus or bacterial infection.  We cannot make that claim and do not want to in any way, imply that this is the case.  We are doing all we can to be able to send out products that will, in the best way possible, be able to be a great benefit to the patient or recipient and minimize their chances of their health being compromised from the product should it come into contact with bacteria or a virus.


As far as our Healing Hearts Pillows is concerned, the antimicrobial properties are added in the manufacturing process of the luxury vinyl.  This vinyl is also able to be surface wipable with an additional anti-bacterial wipe and this will not diminish the antimicrobial properties in the fabric.  This would just be an extra precaution that may be taken.  You can even wipe this fabric down with bleach and it will not affect the color of the red vinyl fabric outer cover that the pillow is made with.


Are Cardiac Bear Kits customizable?

Yes! Call us at 937-206-6689 for details!

What makes your heart pillow different from other heart pillows?

Our Healing Hearts pillows are made of a premium soft vinyl fabric that is treated wtih an anti-microbial solution during manufactering. The vinyl is waterproof and surface wipeable so it's easily wiped down with sanitizing wipes if it gets dirty. 

In addition to being more sanitary than cloth pillows, hospitals are able to save money since they don't have to dispose of the pillow when it falls on the floor; and hospitals that used rolled towels as heart surgery splints no longer need to continue laundering extra towels.

The Healing Hearts pillow is stuffed with flexible styrofoam beads that comfortably contour to the body when held tightly and become immediately firm so sternal wires and stitches are held securely in place. The firmness is very important feature that a regular stuffed heart pillow (with fiberfill) cannot accomplish. Supportive and soft, yet firm--ideal for healing!

For more details and bulk discount options, just give us a call at 937-206-6689 and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

How can I order Cardiac Bears or Healing Hearts Pillows for my hospital?

For details on hospital bulk discounts and imprinting options, email, or call 937-206-6689. 

Cardiac Bears & Healing Hearts Pillows

Gift Baskets

Can I customize a gift basket?

Yes!  We have a variety of different scents, colors, flavors etc. that can be substituted.  We are also able to put in special items that we do not carry should you want us to go purchase that item locally and include it in the basket. We would of course need to charge for this shopping service, but we are happy to do it if that is what you would like.  The cost on this specialty service would depend on what all you would like added that we do not have, and the amount of time it would take for us to find the items you want.  This varies but if you give us a call to discuss what your wishes are, we will do our best to accommodate you in the most cost effective way.


Can I get a heart pillow or bear put in a gift basket with other goodies?

Absolutely!  We would be happy to.

Do you do bereavement gift baskets?

Yes, we do any type of basket our customers want. So if you do not see a particular style, theme or occasion, just give us a call and we will do a totally custom design for you.

When I send a gift basket can I add a special note to it?

Sure!  Just write what you would like to say when you fill out the information on the cart page.  The option is there for a special note.  It can be as long as you'd like - there is no limit to the characters.

What kinds of things do you put in children’s gift baskets?

We have a huge assortment of gifts in stock that can be included in a children's gift box or basket.  From age appropriate jewelry to sunglasses to crafty kits and art projects, we enjoy matching up special items for each child we do a gift for.  Just let us know what your childs' likes are and we will put together a special gift for them that they will never forget!

Gift Baskets


Are Cardiac Bear Kits customizable?

Yes! Call us at 937-206-6689 and tell us your desires.  We can even make special kits for hospitals wanting quantity discounts with special items with your logo on them and any message you'd like to include, such as your own pamphlets or brochures that you already have designed.  We will work with you and make the gift you give memorable and appreciated.  

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Am I able to get a custom design or message on a tee shirt for a bear, or on the Dr. Scrubs?

It would be very expensive to make one single custom design on a Cardiac Bear's T-shirt or Healing Heart Pillow, so for that reason unfortunately we are not able to offer custom designs on single bears or hearts at this time.

We are able to offer custom designs for orders with quantities of 50+ of the same item.  However, it is cost prohibitive to make one single custom message on a tee shirt for a bear or on the scrubs outfits.



How can I donate a pillow or bear in memory of someone?

How can I donate a pillow or bear to a hospital?

Open Hands Icon

It's easy to make a donation in someone's memory.  Just call us at 937-206-6689 and discuss your wishes and we will be happy to honor them!

Just give us a call at 937-206-6689 and we can use your donation to a particular hospital of your choice in your area and send them however many bears or heart pillows you wish to donate. This is very helpful to hospitals who depend on donations for things they do not have already in their budget.  



Is there a way I can reduce my shipping cost?

If you're purchasing multiple items such as a stress reliever to go in the box with a Cardiac Bear, we will override the shipping cost manually so you are not being charged for both items' shipping separately as would normally be done if you enter it on your cart page.  This will definitely save you on shipping .  Just call us to do this for you so you are not charged for shipping 2 boxes. 937-206-6689

If I place an order today for a bear, how soon can I get it?

Weekday orders are processed within 24 hours, and most items arrive within 2-4 business days. 

Rush shipping is available, call Lynette at  937-206-6689 and she will be happy to see what it would cost for UPS vs. USPS vs. Federal Express.  It is not always best to use the same carrier depending on where the shipment is going.  We will ship it the most cost effective way unless you have a specific preference that we use one of the carriers mentioned above.  We use all three of these services, so that is not a probem at all.



Where are your pillows made?

Why is it important to you that pillows are made in the USA?

Needle & Thread

We make all of our Healing Hearts pillows right here in our small manufacturing facility in Springfield, Ohio.  

One of the reasons we decided to make our pillows locally rather than overseas is because we want to provide jobs for those in our area who are needing work.  Keeping jobs here in the USA benefits all of us and this is one way in which we can help our own community.  When the tarriffs were added to imported goods, this also made us be able to be competitive with overseas prices.  Because of this, our shipping costs are much lower than from items received from overseas. This keeps your costs lower as well.

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