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"I really enjoy the cardiac bear I talk to him every day I sleep with him by my side In case I have to sneeze or something."



 "No matter what, we CANNOT run out of those bears!”



"The bear has been such a great help and he has had lots of cuddles, almost all of the nurses and doctors commented on how good he was!"

cardiac bearIMG_0990 Copy.jpg

Rachel, Etsy

"Purchased this as a gift. He loved it, said it was beter than what the hospital gve him to brace when coughing." 

cardiac bearIMG_0948.jpg

Anna, Etsy

"I bought this bear for a student in my class who is having open heart surgery. It was packed nicely and had a pamplet to explain the Cardiac Bear. It is such a sweet bear and is so well-made. I hope it brings him comfort and reminds him that we miss him and love him."

cardiac bearIMG_0918 Copy.jpg

Laurabrandi, Etsy

"Wow! This bear is adorable. It was shipped so quickly. My husband loves it. It was a package so nicely. Can't say enough good things about this vendor!"

cardiac bearIMG_0993.jpg

Marty, Etsy

"The pillow was just perfect for my husband after heart surgery. It is the perfect size. It came quickly and is very well made. Will certainy suggest this to my friends."

cardiac bearIMG_0944.jpg

"H", Etsy

"Cannot sing the praises of the seller enough! Not only is her craftsmanship impeccable, but her customer care is beyond amazing. She's made me and my mom feel so loved and cared for with this Bear to aid in my mom's heart surgery recovery. 10/10 would recommend."

cardiac bearIMG_1205.jpeg

Diane, Etsy

"Great service. Gave this as a gift to a friend and he found it very helpful after his open heart surgery."

cardiac bearIMG_0986 Copy.jpg

William / Maryland

"My sister started using it immediately and was incredibly appreciative of the comfort she felt when coughing. This was a great mission of mercy...all thanks to the very personal service provided by The Cardiac Bear."

IMG_1299 Copy.JPG.jpg

Cherie Widger / Kresge NCO 2 Network Contract Manager VA Healthcare

"[The Cardiac Bear] is a really great idea and can also make cardiac and other operations less threatening for children whose parent is going through it because the Cardiac Bear is helping [their parent] out."

The Cardiac Bear IMG_8399_edited (3).jpg

Melissa / Sydney, Australia

"My mum loves your bear she's so happy & grateful for your prayers.  Thanks again for all your help. She has received lots of comments about how gorgeous her bear is. It brings my Mum great comfort especially when she is alone in the room!"

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