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woman holding pillow against chest for compression

Floral Heart Surgery Recovery Pillow,flower Decorative Pillow, Couch Pillow Flor


❤️ This floral heart surgery pillow insert is strong enough and firmly

       filled to support and protect the surgical wires at the incision site

       after surgery. This is needed when encouraged to cough, do deep

       breathing exercises and even when turning over in bed.


❤️ Effortlessly transforms into a decorative throw pillow after 

       recovery. These have a zipper style opening so the cover can be 

       easily removed for laundering.


❤️ Patients who have had open heart surgery, C-Sections, gall

       bladder surgery and other abdominal surgeries are loving the

       help they’ve had from using our surgical recovery pillows.


❤️  In the options of this listing you will have these 2 choices: --

        Pillowcase alone - if you already have an insert that just needs a

        new case for a facelift 12”X18” or the pillowcase with insert. (A 

        very nice pillow to use as a decor item in your home when you 

        are finished with it's intended functionality.


❤️ The pillow insert with the filling made specifically for surgery

       recovery with a special combination of shredded memory foam

       mixed with polystyrene beads.  (Size is 15” X 19”).


If you have any questions about anything in our store, just give us a call (or feel free to text as well) at 937-206-6689.  We are here to help!

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