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Front cover of The Happiness Hack Book - available in paperback only

The Happiness Hack


Available only in paperback at this time!


Are you feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from things that once mattered to you?


As we rely more and more on technology, it’s the devices meant to simplify our lives that often cause us the most stress.


For years, author Ellen Petry Leanse worked with titans like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. As she watched innovations create new habits in tech, she also noticed a dramatic rise in stress. But what if our habits can instead be hacked for happiness?


In this refreshing, practical book, you’ll learn ways to reclaim some of the calm and focus that’s slipping away from many of us. You’ll gain new insights that bring you more connectedness, help you manage your tech habits, reduce stress and give you new ways of increasing happiness—all by your own design.

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