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The I Love My Life Challenge

The I Love My Life Challenge


What if you decided you love your life, no matter what?

In times of dramatic change, burn out, fear, and stress, the idea of coming into each day with energy, let alone positivity, seems impossible. However, Adam Markel will give you the tools to do just that.

Through his work and his own personal experiences, Adam discovered that choosing to love and be grateful for one's life is critical to staying resilient in business and life. The I Love My Life Challenge dares you to make changes for the better, release outdated beliefs, and push beyond the day-to-day struggles to recognize your purpose—all starting with the simple belief, "I love my life."

In addition to inspirational stories and thought-provoking prompts for positive change, this brief book includes simple, repeatable 10-second actions that readers can use personally and professionally to center themselves in the face of change. Challenge yourself to move beyond resilience and truly thrive with easy-to-apply strategies that will help you love your life, no matter what.

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