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Classic Denim Healing Hearts Pillow 3.0

Classic Denim Healing Hearts Pillow 3.0


Choose what message you would like on our denim healing heart pillows from the texts you see on our other pillows! 


This cough support pillow can effortlessly transform from surgery recovery pillow into a decorative throw pillow or travel pillow! With over a dozen fabric pillow cover options and still more to come, the pillow insert is a versatile addition to you or your loved one's surgery recovery!


Our heart surgery pillows are sturdy against the incision site, which is really important post-op and during recovery, Anytime someone needs to cough, laugh, or turn over in bed it's crucial to have firm support. This pillow is helpful for a variety of surgery recoveries too--from heart surgery, bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, Cesarean section surgery, and more.  


The pillowcase can be purchased by itself, or the pillow plus pillowcase together. Pillow dimensions are 19”x15”x5”. Optional antimicrobial fabric treatment is available; the fabric treatment is scent free and will not affect the softness of the fabric. 

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