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Companies Don't Succeed, People Do! - Customized Hardcover

Companies Don't Succeed, People Do! - Customized Hardcover


Discover the strength of your team with Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do, which is now customizable to support and highlight your own logo and message!


The only way to build a bright team is to highlight the shining elements that every member brings. The best way to guide your team to success is to respect, trust and invest in each team member.


With a full color customizable cover and black and white custom internals, Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do will help you shine a light on the best parts of your organization. 


Learn how to create a clear path to success with an efficient and collaborative team. Everyone has something to offer, you simply need to identify what each of your team members uniquely provides.  Add your own dedication and show your team that you value their best qualities and ask them to imagine the goals that you can achieve together!


Size: 5" x 8"

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