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  • Handy checklist outlines crucial essentials individuals and families need to build a kit they can locate and grab at a moment's notice to stay safe and healthy during an emergency
  • Categories include Food & Water, Tools & Supplies, and Personal Items
  • Recommendations include packing the following: enough food and water for at least 3 days; battery-powered radio, flashlights, and spare batteries; prescription medication and glasses; cash and personal identification; a basic first aid kit; and much more
  • Display on any surface: peel off adhesive back strip or use the magnetic strip
  • Personalization on bottom front
  • Personalization not available in quantities 50-299

Product Size: 3 7/8" X 8 3/4"


Bulk pricing discounts & imprinting available. Call 866. 941. 2480 for details!

Disaster Supply Kit Checklist E-Z 2 Stick Glancer

SKU: CS1272D