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Healing Hearts Fabric Cover and insert - Inspirational

Healing Hearts Fabric Cover and insert - Inspirational


This inspirational fabric cloth pillowcase is made to fit the heart surgery  pillows insert. The tranquil white and light gray background with inspirational faith reminders has been a popular choice and will encourage peacefulness and faith during the road of recovery!


During any abdominal surgery, and especially procedures like heart surgery, all of our our heart surgery pillows provide sturdy support against the stiches is really important during post-op recovery. While moving, laughing, or coughing it's crucial to have some firm support! Our surgery recovery cough pillows and decorative pillow cases are supportive enough to support surgical incisions but soft enough to effortlessly transform into a decorative throw pillow after recovery.


With over a dozen fabric pillow cover options and still more to come, the pillow insert is a versatile addition to you or your loved one's surgery recovery!


Optional antimicrobial fabric treatment is available; the fabric treatment is scent free and will not affect the softness of the fabric.


Here at the Cardiac Bear, the pillowcase can be purchased by itself, or the pillow and pillowcase together. Altogether they measure 19”x15”x5”.  


If your organization would like a custom pillow designed to be given for corporate gifts, we would be happy to work with you on this.  Just give The Cardiac Bear a call at 937-206-6689 and Lynette will be glad to help!

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