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Heart Warrior, Open Heart Surgery Pillow, Bariatric Surgery Pillow,Surgery Recov


This open heart surgery recovery support pillow is comfortable, and a great support for when you need to turn over in bed, cough, or laugh during surgery recovery.


These pilllows are filled with a special filling concocted of a combination of shredded memory foam and polystrofoam beads.  They both do their part in making the pillow comfortable, yet firm when it is pressed against the chest and actually conforms to the persons body!  You'll LOVE it!


Our customers have found this pillow is helpful after heart surgeries. c-sections, bariatric surgery, hernia repairs and other abdominal and thoracic surgeries.


Our cough support pillow is waterproof, surface washable, and firmly stuffed for comfortable support after surgery!   We have dozens of fabric and design options that make our surgery recovery pillows a top choice for you or your loved ones' recovery journey!


The luxury soft vinyl fabric cover is removable and easily sanitized with sanitizing wipes if it falls on the floor in the hospital or at home.  Our hospitals' infection control staff love this product!


Dimensions: 15.5" length x 10.5" width x 4" depth, and 2 -3 lbs.

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