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Marines Healing Hearts Pillow

Marines Healing Hearts Pillow


We are launching our newest heart surgery pillow cover designs that honor four branches of the United States Military.  This pillow - our US Marines Pillow is sure to let your loved one know how much you appreciate and honor the service they gave to our country!  It was an important part of their life that many did not get recognition for, so honoring them in this way will not go unnoticed.


The Fabric pillow insert + cover weight is 2lbs, cover only is ~1lb. Fabric cough pillow dimensions are: length/width/depth 19”x15”x5”.


The inside of the pillow makes this supportive enough to be firm against the patients' surgical incision yet soft enough to be a comfort just when they need it!  Then when they are finished using it as a supportive device, it can be used as a throw pillow on their bed or couch as a memorable keepsake after surgery. 


Sturdy support at the incision site is very critical during recovery.  They will need to hold this against their chest (if having open heart surgery) for coughing, laughing, or even turning over in bed. 


Our pillows are helpful for a different types of surgery whenever there is an incision in the abdomin area such as bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery and also C-Section surgery.  


One can purchase the pillowcase separately or as a unit of the insert along with the pillow case here on our website.


Optional antimicrobial fabric treatment is also available; the fabric treatment is unscented and will not affect the softness of the fabric.

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