The Cardiac Bear

Springfield, OH USA   

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  • Our New Vinyl Heart shaped pillow serves the same purpose as our Cardiac Bear does.  It will not have a imprint on the pillow you receive.  This is just showing an example of what one of our hospital clients has imprinted on it.          When open heart surgery patients are encouraged to cough following surgery, it is very painful and if they do not have a firm splinting device to hug against their chest, their sternal wires could come loose.  They need to cough in order to release the phlegm from their lungs or they could get pnemonia.  Our soft luxery heart pillow is the perfect solution for this because since we made it with a vinyl (removable) cover, it can be easily wiped down with antibacterial wipes if it should fall on the floor in the hospital or at home.  This prevents bacteria from getting on the pillow and causing an infection.  Our hospitals' infection control staff love this product and with their help, that's why it is designed the way it is.  


For hospitals wanting information about purchasing these for patients, just call us at 866-941-2480 with your questions or to set up an appointment and we will be glad to help.  Quantity pricing available and your hospital logo or other imprint can be printed on the pillows with a minimum order.  Please call for details.

New Vinyl Heart Shaped Pillow