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Open Heart Surgery Pillow Heart Surgery Gift Waterproof Heart Pillow for Heart W

Open Heart Surgery Pillow Heart Surgery Gift Waterproof Heart Pillow for Heart W


Do you have a loved one or friend that is about to have open heart surgery? This is one of our open heart surgery gifts especially designed for heart warriors who also need some encouragement. Made with a nice firm stuffing so that the sternal wires stay in place!


If this is intended for a child, please let us know so we can make the size smaller to be more appropriate for a child.


We have many heart surgery pillow deisgns that are perfect post surgery gifts. Just click on our store name above to see all that we offer! If you don't see a saying on the pilow that you want, we can custom make one for you. Just message us and we can design it for you. When patients have to cough to clear their lungs, and it's VERY painful! Designed with the help of cardiologists, critical care nurses, and infection control directors, our pillows are stuffed firmly for comfortable support to stabilize the sternal wires, stitches, and to help ease pain when needing to cough! We make our heart pillows not only comfortable and a firm support but also inspirational with words of encouragement. The cover is made from luxury soft white vinyl fabric so that it can be easily sanitized with antibacterial wipes. It is a waterproof pillow - unlike any other pillow on the market for heart patients. The cover is easily removable with the sewn in zipper. Our hospitals' infection control staff love it! Patients recovering after gastric bypass surgery, and C-Sections also have been helped by these heart pillows post surgery. Message us or call 937-206-6689 with any questions on custom orders!

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