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Custom Heart Heart Surgery Gift Pillow Heart Warrior Cardiac

Custom Heart Heart Surgery Gift Pillow Heart Warrior Cardiac


Are you looking for the perfect gift to give that heart warrior who is having open heart surgery and you're not sure which one to get?  You've come to the right place!  Design your own pillow with your own message on it!  Who wouldn't be encouraged?



This cough support pillow for open heart surgery recovery was designed with help from cardiologists and infection control departments in hopsitals to devise the perfect size, firmness and easy to clean pillow.  


💪  Made strong to hold the sternal wires in place 


🛌  Comfortable and help ease the pain for the patient when they need to

        do their breathing exercises and when coughing and turning over in



❤️  Made from luxury soft vinyl, the cover is also removable and can be

        easily sanitized with sanitizing wipes if it falls on the floor in the

        hospital or at home.  Our hospitals' infection control staff love it! 

🎁  Great gift for heart surgery patients, C-Section patients, Gall Bladder

        Surgery and for anyone having abdominal surgery.  All are wrapped in

        a clear cello bag and bow for gifting.


Handmade in the USA in Springfield, OH


Bulk pricing discounts & custom imprinting available for large orders. Call 937-206-6689 for details!


Link to other heart surgery gifts in my store:


    These vinyl pillows are made to be able to be wiped down with soap and water, antibacterial wipes, and even straight Clorox!  They are not made to put in your washing machine and that's not even needed.  If you do need to wash the entire vinyl covering, just unzip the cover and wash it without the insert inside, then dry with a clean dry towel and replace the insert.

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