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Tie Dye Open Heart Cough Pillow Cover and Pillow

Tie Dye Open Heart Cough Pillow Cover and Pillow


This whimsical rainbow tie-dye fabric is a unisex print that people of all ages can enjoy!


 The pillow is useful as cough support following surgery; a surgery recovery pillow needs to be able to apply firm support against the stitches during recovery--it's crucial while coughing, laughing, or turning over in bed. This pillow is helpful for a variety of abdominal and chest surgeries. At 19”x15”x5”, this heart surgery pillow is sized to be comfortably held by anyone!

After recovery, it makes a versatile pillow for home decor, travel pillow, or back support.


Optional antimicrobial fabric treatment is available; the fabric treatment is scent free and will not affect the softness of the fabric.

This navy and polka dot pillowcase can be purchased by itself, or the pillow plus pillowcase together.

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