Denim Inspirational Healing Hearts Pillow 3.0

Denim Inspirational Healing Hearts Pillow 3.0


Sturdy support against the incision site is crucial during recovery--for coughing, laughing, or turning over in bed. This pillow is helpful for a variety of surgery recoveries--from heart surgery, bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, Cesarean section surgery, and more. 


 Supportive enough to support surgical incisions but soft enough to effortlessly transform into a decorative throw pillow after recovery.


With over a dozen fabric pillow cover options and still more to come, the pillow insert is a versatile addition to you or your loved one's surgery recovery!


Optional antimicrobial fabric treatment is available; the fabric treatment is scent free and will not affect the softness of the fabric.


The pillowcase can be purchased by itself, or the pillow plus pillowcase together. 19”x15”x5”